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Our Story

Mark and Robin Ford started in agility in 2003. They competed across the US with their dogs and subsequently Robin also became involved in herding, obedience, Nose Work and SAR. Mark founded Mark's Agility Equipment in 2006 as he began to make equipment for himself and others. Mark always felt it was important to be actively involved in the sport as he designed new equipment to meet specifications and considered the safety of the dogs. He prided himself on continually improving equipment for both safety and advancement of the sport as a whole while producing very high quality equipment.

A significant differentiator of our products is the quality and materials they are made with. No steel is used in producing the equipment, and we frequently have customers tell us how their equipment is in great shape years after they have purchased it.  You can find our equipment in training centers and trials across the US and Canada. Robin continues to be active in agility and operates the business.

You can learn more about Robin's training classes, private lessons, events, and scent work products by going to Robin Ford Dog Training site.

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